.-. Last night.. I found out.. My parents are.. Seperating. *face desk* No-ones moving, so thats good. I was afraid someone was moving out and I was gonna have to choose who to go with. My dads going to sleep in the basement. *sigh* They never fought or anything.. But they wont be eating meals together or sharing a room. The minute they got us in the room and my mum started talking it was just "Uh-oh." and a bunch of stuff started flying through my head like "Did someone die? Are we moving? Is mum getting transfered? Then will we have to move? Are they getting a divorce?" And I never thought that them getting seperated would be right. I dont know if were ever going to move, but I think we are. .-. There was a lot of talk about it last night. So yeah.. I dont know if Im going to get any sprites or drawings done anytime soon. I just.. After they told m it was like every ounce of insiration and motivation left my body. .-. Even the picture of Black I wanted to draw went all fuzzy. Literally. Ive lost most of the details I had for it. The vision of Digit and Ice is still fine for the most part.. A little less in focus, but its there. It may seem stupid to worry about visions of my charas, but with the visions, I know exactly what they look like without a drawing. I ended up abandoning Nathan, too.. I just felt so rotten I didnt want to come back on Hatena. So.. Yeah. Sorry about that, Nathan. *bows*

As for the rest of you guys, this is just gonna be kind of a place to vent.. But Im probably going to write some stuff about my day here later on. I have a new egg.. And the clicky Pokemon can be clicked once a day. :3

._. That church service didnt help my mood.. Or my sis like hyperventalating or something.. I dont know what shes doing. Shes calming down now, but shes making me feel crappy and want to cry again. I have a headache, and I get a sick feeling at random times over this.. The sides of my forehead feel kind of hot or something.. Mmmf.. I dont like this.. Not at all. I was prepared for my mum getting a job, thats fine, no problem there. Then we get called into the living room and they tell us theyre getting seperated. .-. My jaw literally dropped and the first thing I said was "What?! What?!" and it was all high pitched like. I had a wierd taste in my mouth all day.. I dont want any of this to happen.. ._. I want yesterday to be erased and I want it to start over.. I actually think I would have been better off not knowing about this.. It would have saved me a ton of crap and emotion.. *sigh* Right above my ears kinda hurts now too.. Ugh.. *acting happy offline to try to cheer up my sis* Im.. not.. Happy.. No.. ;n; My jaw seems to be hurting too. *freaking out on the inside* WHATS WRONG WITH ME?! WHY DO I HURT ALL OVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR?! *freaking out on the inside more* If I say anything then Im gonna get wierd looks or have to talk about all this.. I dont really want to talk because Ill end up crying.. But typing is different.. Mmm.. ._. Oh, great.. Im getting that taste again.. And I just got one of those sick feelings and my stomach kinda hurts.. I dont know how to explain it. It doesnt hurt, but its not fine ether. Why did this have to happen...My dads chair went to his room downstairs, and now theres a big gap where it used to be.. The TV went down there, too. But my grandfather got us another one at Christmas so thats in the living room now. It sounds different. And its smaller. I dont know what to think or feel or anything about all this..